Baffling Medical Conditions

Some diseases are really strange. And a lot of them unexplained.

What about these for an example:

  • A woman who suddenly can’t open her eyes. It usually keep on for three days, then she is normal again for a couple of months.
  • A man who can’t freeze. Or rather his body copes so good with cold that he has swum under the north pole and climbed mount everest in shorts!
  • Allergic against cold! A ice cube on the skin will give a huge blister, even snowflakes in the face will give responses. And yes antihistamines help…
  • A boy who almost never sleep. (Poor parents, young children’s sleep patterns are stressful enough…)
  • People who can’t remember and others who can’t forget!
  • A girl who can not feel pain.

And there is alot more details about theese and other strange deseases over here. Check them out!

There is also a story of a girl who doesn’t get older. She is 16 now and still look like a 6 month old baby….

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  2. Yeah, really weird stuff. Heard about some of them before, but most were new to me. Kind of baffling what the human body is capable of, allthough, since we’ve fucked up natural selection we shouldn’t really be surprised, should we? =o)

    By Erik on Jun 28, 2009

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